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A Brief Biography of

A co-founder with His Holiness Sakya Trizin and Wesley Knapp of the Sakya Society of Canada; its first teaching centre, Sakya Thubten Namgyal Ling - the Sakya Namgyal Meditation Centre, Markham; and the Sakya Namgyal Archive; Angela is also the founder of Nurturing Systems and a co-founder of HRI - the Healing Research Institute.

Angelica is a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner and a member of the International Organisation of Nutritional Consultants - I.O.N.C. She is also an ordained lay meditation teacher (Lama) in the Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist Healing, Wisdom and Integration traditions.

During the course of her professional career she has established a private practice as an Educator, Nurturer, Foods Coach and High Performance Sports Nutritionist. Combined with her expertise in Natural Nutrition and Herbology, she also works from the principals of the Asian disciplines of Tibetan, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.

A mother of four, with an eclectic background in the 'Healing Arts', she applies the discipline of the spiritual path of a Western Buddhist to her daily life by bridging eastern and western philosophies, in order to integrate the principals of both - thus creating the unique approach to healing the body-mind-spirit that provides the foundation for her life's work

Angelica integrates 30 years of experience as a nurturer and healer into a refreshingly dynamic approach that speaks to the whole being. She has developed and offers a therapeutic technique which she calls 'Integrative Manual Therapy'. This affords clients the opportunity to make the 'mind-is-body' connection. This approach accelerates the re-patterning of the body-spirit-mind into the natural state of 'good health'.

She designs and implements workshop-retreat programs for University and Professional Healing Communities - as well as other groups and individuals - which introduce participants to meditative, self-nurturing and helps them to evolve personal growth and change. These retreats and 'mini-retreats include modern developments of classical meditational practices for use in programs such as:

'Wealth Wisdom'
'Nutriment and Intake'
'Natural Detoxification',
'Nutrition as Prevention',
'Guided Fasting Retreats',
'Activating the Healer Within'
'Khema 7-Day Intensive Sensory Process'


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